October 27, 2008

Are the Magic Email Gnomes Dead?

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Ever since Yahoo! announced its latest round of layoffs, it seems as if Yahoo mail is no longer being pushed to my iPhone. Did Yahoo! terminate all the magic gnomes responsible for push email? It’s not just my iPhone either—some else at work just mentioned she’s having the same problem.


October 21, 2008

iPhone 3G: Missing Features

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I’ve been using my iPhone 3G for a tad over three months now and it has served me quite well. It’s not just a phone and far more than a “smartphone”–it’s an ultra-portable computer. Aside from all the jazzy features you no doubtably already know about (phone, internet, iPod, etc.), the iPhone has afforded me one much-appreciated luxury: not needing to bring my work laptop on business trips. This translate into less baggage to deal with and a quicker trip through security checkpoints.

However, having just come back from a Strategic Planning Session, I am now painfully aware of a few missing features:

  • Copy & Paste. I don’t need it often but it sure would be handy to have at my disposal.
  • Custom Email Tones. I can prioritize calls by using ringtones. Why can’t I do the same with email?
  • Disk Usage. Sometimes I need to access PDFs, Excel workbooks and other documents during meetings. It’d be great if Apple provided iPhone users with a way to copy over files to the iPhone. I understand that Apple wants and needs to protect the file system of the iPhone but they should be able to find a way to enable Disk Usage. As it currently stands, I have to use a third-party application called Air Sharing.
  • Teethering. This is more of an AT&T Terms of Service issue than an Apple issue. There are times when I need more processing power than my iPhone but can’t catch an open Wi-Fi signal on my laptop. It’d be great if I could use my iPhone as a wireless modem.
  • Better 3G coverage. Again, this is more of an AT&T issue. When the 3G network is available, connectivity is great. When it’s not, I’m fated to use the painfully slow EDGE network. AT&T needs to double its efforts in network infrastructure upgrades.

Overall the iPhone 3G is an awesome device that works wonderfully but it’s time Apple started adding a few wish-list items that everyone’s been asking for. AT&T also needs to do its part in supporting the infrastructure on which the iPhone 3G depends.

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