October 29, 2008

Final Crisis #4

Filed under: Comics — masayukiespinosa @ 8:42 pm

I am able to differentiate this issue from the previous three because I finally care about what has happened.  Many hail the current Crisis as an instant classic because of the depth and subtlety of storytelling.  Perhaps if not for the myriad of previous tie-in’s and teasers this would be true but anyone who has been keeping up with the DCU at large there was no real mystery in the previous three issues.

We know who the bad guy is and he has the same plan he had back in “Rock of Ages.”

This issue finally moves the plot forward in a significant way.  In many ways, this felt like the real begining to the story.  Mr. Morrison has undoubtedly created a masterfully detailed foundation but at this point I have to question if there is enough time to build a story that can live up to its own hype.

One aspect of this series that has not lived up to any expectations is the art.  While the art would be considered acceptable for one of the weekly series DC has been so fond of lately it is unacceptable that DC would split the penciling duties for an event of this magnitude.  This has a background that stretches back decades with its roots firmly planted by Jack Kirby himself.  This story deserves better.


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