October 29, 2008

Final Crisis #4

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I am able to differentiate this issue from the previous three because I finally care about what has happened.  Many hail the current Crisis as an instant classic because of the depth and subtlety of storytelling.  Perhaps if not for the myriad of previous tie-in’s and teasers this would be true but anyone who has been keeping up with the DCU at large there was no real mystery in the previous three issues.

We know who the bad guy is and he has the same plan he had back in “Rock of Ages.”

This issue finally moves the plot forward in a significant way.  In many ways, this felt like the real begining to the story.  Mr. Morrison has undoubtedly created a masterfully detailed foundation but at this point I have to question if there is enough time to build a story that can live up to its own hype.

One aspect of this series that has not lived up to any expectations is the art.  While the art would be considered acceptable for one of the weekly series DC has been so fond of lately it is unacceptable that DC would split the penciling duties for an event of this magnitude.  This has a background that stretches back decades with its roots firmly planted by Jack Kirby himself.  This story deserves better.


October 22, 2008

Secret Invasion #7

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Here it is fanboys! The momentous, no holds barred battle royale we have all been waiting for is delivered in spectacular fashion.

Though the core series is a special effects heavy summer blockbuster relying on the tie-in’s for plot progression and character development, it is a hell of a show. The overwhelming scale of the battle is beautifully illustrated without excessive clutter. The tighter action scenes are cunningly conceived and artfully wrought.

Mr. Yu’s superb visuals are almost enough to mask Mr. Bendis’ brilliant, if thinly veiled, allegory of the authoritarian regime, the liberal underdogs and the criminal capitalists bringing their combined might to bear on an army of subversive religious fundamentalists. Some may be disappointed at the interaction between what many consider to be the core Avengers, especially since they have not been seen together in years and notably since the death of Steve Rogers. To those with this complaint I argue that now is not the time. Catching up over brunch can wait until after the alien invaders have been repelled.

Let’s face it: We wanted a brawl. This issue surpassed my expectations and left me with an unabashed enthusiasm for the concluding installment.

October 19, 2008

Ultimate Origins 5

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Ultimate Origins promised to simultaneously unveil secrets that underly the foundations of the Ultimate Universe and lead us into Ultimatum which will tear down everything built upon those foundations.  While I was disappointed with the fifth issues attempt at the former, the first and last few provide a tantalizing glimpse into the former.  Up until this point the Fantastic Four have been to Ultimate Origins what the Dunder Mifflin warehouse workers are to “The Office.”  They are a nice asside but non-essential to the story.  Finally that changes as the greatest mind of the Ultimate Universe has something more interesting to say than, “Hey, these stone things are mysterious.”  For those of you who have been excited by the revalations of the past four issues, get ready for disappointment.  While there is something of interest to the true Ultimate fanboy, there is no earth shattering Ultimate history lesson here.

October 11, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Comic Book)

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Summary: Vader’s Apprentice hunts Jedi…all hell breaks loose.

I have been sitting on the sidelines and haven’t actually played the highly anticipated game SW:The Force Unleashed while my TV was getting fixed.  In the meantime, I decided to tide myself over by reading the comic book.

The story takes place between Episode III, the Revenge of the SIth, and Episode IV, A New Hope.  It revolves around Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice, Starkiller, and his quest to find his place between the Dark and Light.  Add in a touch of political intrigue, some familiar faces, and the story of the birth of the Rebel Alliance and you’ve got the formula for a hit.  The comic book doesn’t disappoint and I’m definitely looking forward to playing to game.

Rating: 4 out of 5 lightsabers.

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