October 7, 2008

Facebook DnD

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My latest obsession is the Facebook app “Dungeons and Dragons: Tiny Adventures.”

Each adventure consists of an adventurer meeting a series obstacles and making an appropriate dice roll, combined with any intrinsic bonuses, against the difficulty of the task.  It is classic pen and paper roleplaying with the campy humor that made the 1st edition such a gem.

It is not a game for someone looking for an immersive game environment nor was it meant to be.  This is not the facebook version of WoW but that is part of its appeal.  Someone else does the grinding and I just peak in periodically to see how it is going.

Instead of the adventurer, however, I feel more like the adventurer’s overly liberal parent.  I outfit my adventurer with the appropriate gear, send him or her out on an adventure, and he or she returns with a report card and any loot collected along the way.  If the adventurer continues to make progress eventually he or she graduates or retires in game parlance.  Once retired I start the whole process again.

For those of you looking for a fun fantasy role playing game that basically plays itself I’d highly recommend it.  Hardcore gamers would be better served elsewhere.

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